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    A Netrunners Guide to Cyberware

    Cyberware Augmentations "Weapons and gear in my blood veins, we’re all living in the digital fastlane." Cyberware is the only way to stay on top in Silicon Point. From the rich and famous flashy augmentations such as Skin Graphing and Biomonitors, to the more extreme grit of Rippers and Kill...
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    Silicon Point and its Companies

    Manticore owns America. This is a fact, a statement that will not change in any foreseeable future. However, they do not own the world. This is a lie, a statement that will not change very soon either. The globe is surrounded by megacorporations each vying for another share of the continents...
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    Tech Rules and Guidelines

    Tech Rules and Guidelines Welcome to Silicon Point, decker: things have changed in the last few years, and you'd be on the losing side if you don't get teched up as soon as possible. The cyberpunk setting has always been characterized by its wide range of high end technology, ranging from the...
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    General Tech Template

    When you’re filling out these templates, please make sure to fill out every field that’s relevant to the tech you’re submitting. If you leave a field blank, leave a note on why you left it that way. If you don’t, we may not accept your tech profile or we may ask you to fill out missing fields...
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    Manticore Corporate Enforcement

    [/marquee] [/imgbox] Welcome to Silicon Point, the safest place in the world! From the lush shopping districts, to the vibrant corners of Neoplex Square Residential, our protection keeps you shielded from the hazards of modern life. In the modern technology age, there may be bad seeds out...
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    Downtown District Downtown District

    Downtown Residential You’ve had it pretty hard if you’re here, haven't you? Life isn't always easy here, and for those of you down on your luck ,here is where you have to make your homes. The too close apartments and abandoned buildings of the dark, gritty Downtown of Silicon Point. Just...
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    Uptown District Uptown District

    Uptown Residential The few, the elite, the successful in Silicon Point all gather together in these luxury lofts and suites in Uptown, surrounded by the soft neon lights and all the protection Manticore can offer them. Company executives, designers, and those with a stake in a manufacturing...
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    Civil District Civil District

    Police Precinct #67 The Silicon Point precinct, home to the overworked and underpaid - and often times corrupt- officers of the law. Can’t imagine this is an easy job for anyone, especially in a place like this, with the widespread drug use, gang wars, and illegal tech running rampant. If...
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    DigiDome The DigiDome

    Your Reality | Your Way Flashing lights, smoky atmosphere and some of the most aggressive competitors you have ever seen. The DigiDome is an arena like no other; Merging cyberscape and reality together, this fast-paced stadium hosts 100's of different sporting events utilizing the latest in...
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    Silicon Point Overview Map

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    BBCode Masterlist

    Float Right Text Float Text Float Left Text Float Left Text Cries in Spanish Cries in Spanish Another wave incoming! Another wave incoming!
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    >2042 >Our government is failing. They were out of options, and in a desperate attempt to bring us up from the depths, they began to sell branches off to big corporations. From the ashes of our fallen democracy, global enterprises skyrocketed into control, taking over all areas of our...