A Netrunners Guide to Cyberware

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Sep 2, 2020
Cyberware Augmentations

"Weapons and gear in my blood veins, we’re all living in the digital fastlane."

Cyberware is the only way to stay on top in Night City. From the rich and famous flashy augmentations such as Tech Hair and Biomonitors, to the more extreme grit of Mantis Blades and Rippers, technology keeps the world moving and the modern man alive. However, not everyone understands that good things come in moderation and abuse their tech, losing their minds in the process. Cyberpsychosis is the number one killer of all things 'borg, numbing the humanity of good people, turning them against the world.

There are many different variations of Cyberware and tech that can be attached to your character as time goes on but beware with each piece of technology that is added on, you lose a little bit of yourself in the process.

Due to the sheer volume of Cyberware that has been created over the years, it isn't feasible to host it all on this site. Custom cyberware is to be posted on the forum board for approval, however official Cyberware can be found at the following links (click the title):
Cyberpunk 2020
Cyberpunk 2077

Below is a brief write-up of some common Cyberware types:


"I'm gonna rip you limb from limb and see what circuits fall out."

Cyberlimbs are the start of most body modifications. Ranging from various types of arms and legs, these are the primary attachment points for most future modifications and tools. Limbs act as the base for both CyberHands and Feet, following with their respective appendages. While most Cyberlimbs are made to withstand the occasional rainstorm or light swim, most are not made for prolonged under-water use and can malfunction if submerged for too long. Additionally, many Cyberlimbs run the risk of malfunction or inactivity when exposed to rapid amounts of electricity. The act of stunning limbs is used by Enforcement Teams and Criminals to temporarily disable opponents in a fight. However, the effects are very short lived, providing an average of 20 seconds mobility loss before negating the effects and returning to normal functionality. Like many other technology and Cyberware upgrades, there are various categories of Cyberlimbs, ranging from Everyday Use to Military Grade.


“Eye spy something bright, shiny, and leaving my barrel.”

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Well it’s a good thing your eyes can be chromed out and decked to the max. CyberOptics is where many netrunners start their modifications. Ranging from Digital displays, to Security camera mods, and even a tear gas dispenser, Optics provide a lightweight set of tech that can be easily switched out for the next upgrade. Modifying God’s gift comes at a cost however and optics can be hacked if someone is crafty enough to temporarily disable an enemies vision or even alter what is being seen by the viewer to convince them that their comrade is actually a bloodthirsty lion that must be fought off. Corrupting vision allows for a quick getaway but is only able to be done by a skilled manipulator, oftentimes providing the host a clear path of vision to the hacker if not careful.

Cyberware Weaponry

“A blast from the past sends a round into the future.”

While weapon mods are cool to have and can get you out of a pinch when necessary, they don’t come easy and often take practice to adapt to. Additionally, more technology means a higher risk of failure; This means the more Cyberware that is worn, the less control a user has over their actions. Running borderline Cyberpsyctic will create fits of uncontrollable rage in the user and may throw them off course from their original goal. When pushing the limits of how much tech a chrome-dome can fit on them, they must also consider if they have the necessary amount of humanity left to keep themselves functioning.


Cyberpsychosis is a mental illness caused by adding too much technology to your body. The Cyberpsycho loses their sense of identity as a person. They come to view regular people and other living things as weak and inferior. With their enhanced physical abilities and complete disregard for life, Cyberpsychos are extremely dangerous to anyone that crosses their path.

Cyberpsychosis can affect anyone eventually, but the less empathetic a person is, the more vulnerable they are to this mental disease. Someone who is warm and friendly is much more resistant than a psychopath, who already doesn't identify with people to begin with. But if you pack enough technology onto them, anyone can succumb eventually. There is no real cure (though there is treatment...see below). The effects are cumulative. A single cyber hand probably won't push you over the edge. Replace all four limbs and both eyes though, and you'll probably start down the slippery slope to madness.

The symptoms are gradual...at first they may simply become more distant to friends and family. They start to identify more with machines than people, and stop doing things that used to give them pleasure (eating, sleeping, socializing, sex, ect). Eventually human interactions become irritating, and then irritation morphs into contempt, and finally violence. Not all cyberpsychos are physically violent. Some have fragmented personalities, some are kleptomaniacs, others are compulsive liars. But violence towards living things, especially people, is most common. People who are near the edge are politely asked (that is, required) to register. A registered Cyberpsycho is on something like parole. They must attend periodic therapy sessions to keep them human. They have implants to monitor their activity. So long as they don't do anything nutty, they can go on with their lives as normal.

A Cyberpsycho who goes over the edge is often killed outright. Cyberpsychos usually have enough implanted hardware to cause significant damage, and are a threat to anyone they come across. Most Enforcement teams will not go out of their way to risk people's lives trying to take the psycho alive.

One thing that must be kept in mind when creating a character is that they are still human. Attempting to “God Mod” a character (or outfitting them with nothing but heavy weaponry), while likely never being approved by administration, will also cause the character to lose touch with reality and begin a path of self-destructive behavior for the individual wielding the gear. While there is a reasonable amount of allowed Cyberware specified in the character creation guidelines, it is also up administrative discretion whether a character is being too OP to be approved. Users placing too many modifications on their characters may be asked to tone it down or dampen the effects of their gear to ensure fun, quality roleplay for all involved. Remember: It is more fun to roleplay a character with faults, than it is to roleplay a walking tank.

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