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Sep 2, 2020

Carter Strachan

“Cuffs or a bag, the choice is yours...”

"We are only what we are in the dark; all the rest is reputation."

Carter Strachan

NAME: Carter Strachan
AGE: 30
AFFILIATION: Manticore Corporate Enforcement, Squad Leader for Rapid Response Team Epsilon-3

HEIGHT: 6’ 1”
WEIGHT: 190 lbs

The world as it is known is an extremely turbulent place, more often messy than clear and steady. Some get swept away in that turbulence, falling to greed, vices, and other pitfalls, while some have the will to hold their course and stay true to themselves. Carter Strachan has always counted himself amongst the latter. Having joined the ranks of Manticore Corporate Enforcement as soon as he was allowed, Carter has worked tirelessly to keep the peace in Silicon Point and hold the line between the dregs of society and those of a more civilized nature. Nine years of a hard life later, and he heads one of the company's Response Teams, the "heavy muscle" called in when the rank and file patrolmen aren't capable of dealing with a situation. Nearly a decade of service means he is not blind to the reality of Manticore operations, and he knows the nice clean public image is just that, an image. But he holds a steadfast loyalty to the company, its ideals, and the law, believing Manticore to be the best path forward. Whether that loyalty weathers the challenges to come will be the true test for him.



The soft whine of the VTOL's engines filled the air as they lifted off from the precinct's pad and made for their target. The civvies on the street below looked up, some only briefly, others gawking at seeing such a sleek machine up close. Looking down at them through the open side door, Carter smiled and wave, his helmet and the distance thankfully obscuring how little effort he'd put into the gesture. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate the occasional bit of appreciation from the public....It was just sometimes he wished they didn't seem so earnest about it...Especially on days like today. Sighing to himself, he hauled the door shut, the windows automatically going opaque as the interior lights dimmed to a dull red, barely outlining the ten men seated in the face to face benches.

"You all know the drill. Fast rope into the target area, secure the entrance, then breach and clear the building. The buzzards are already on station monitoring activity. and our street level associates have kept the perimeter as tight as they can. Assuming nobody shits the bed and everybody does their damn job, this should be a cake walk. Got it?" A chorus of acknowledgments rang out around him, and he nodded, a more genuine grin on his face now. "Good, then get ready boys and girls. Green light in ten."


The infiltration had gone just according to plan. They'd pulled into a hover a block from the target, the corporate VTOL's reduced audio profile letting its arrival be masked in the city's background noise. Patrol officers had quietly cordoned the area, not that there was much traffic this time of day. Jens had taken Bravo element up the back steps, while Carter had moved in with Alpha to kick in the front door. easy as pie....except it wasn't. The moment his point-man's boot broke the lock, the 12 gauge rigged to the door took his head clean off with a slug the size of his damn thumb. Automatic gunfire from further in told Carter his team's secondary entrance had gone just as poorly. Cursing up a storm, he ran in, snapping off a burst into the man waiting for him, his armor tanking the single 9mm round that the bastard had gotten off. Already pushing past before the body had even hit the floor, Carter posted up at the hallway intersection, waiting as the living room, dining room, and kitchen were confirmed clear by Alpha. With them again at his back, he moved down the hall, rounding a corner to meet Jens and Bravo's surviving member. Nodding to his second, he motioned to the master bedroom, wherein they found the gang leader they'd come for....holding his ten year old as a human shield.

Even as the gang lord fired his machine pistol at the encroaching officers, Carter dove forward, dropping into a forward roll. A different team, a different day, and both the banger and the kid would've been plastered against the far wall and written off as "acceptable collateral". But harming kids was a line Carter refused to cross himself. Before his team could return fire and potentially harm the kid, he popped up within reach of the two, blocking their line of fire and taking another round to the vest. Reaching out with fury in his eyes, Carter tore the kid from the man's grasp with one hand, and promptly cracked his jaw with a punch from the other. As the criminal reeled from the blow, he handed the kid off to his team, who quickly ushered him outside. Turning back to his target, Carter drew his sidearm and cocked the hammer on the large pistol, smirking at the panicked look in the man's eyes.

"If its any consolation in your last moments, you worthless pile of filth..." Carter stated as he took aim. "...Manticore will give him a better life than you ever would have." The bark of the pistol snuffed out any objection, letting Carter holster his weapon and leave the building. Outside, he watched with a sad shake of his head as the kid was loaded into a cruiser while his team tended to the wounded and dead.

"So much for a damn cake walk...."


Neural Interface
Skeletal Reinforcements to allow effective exo-skeleton use when needed
Manticore Enforcement BDUs and Dress Uniform
Manticore issued Armor, Tier-3 with moderate coverage (write-up pending)
BR-20 Tactical Rifle, Sights linked to armor HUD, 6 spare mags +1 loaded normally.
H&K MK23 sidearm, equipped with laser module and if needed, suppressor.
Shock prod
Grenades, assorted


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