Cybernetic Dreams


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Sep 2, 2020

Here I shall put all my stuff for me to keep track of... and also for you to be curious about and oogle.​


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Sep 2, 2020

“I am not their toy.”

"Do not test me."


NAME: EVE [Evelyn Eskil]
AGE: N/A [Mentally 19]
AFFILIATION: Manticore Incorporated (formerly), Manticore's Project Eternity [formerly], Dr. Eskil ("Father").

HEIGHT: 5' 9"
WEIGHT: 300+ lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Black, short


Was born Evelyn Eskil, and first of her kind, as her father and creator, placed the AI and living brain of his dying daughter into the prototype gynoid body of Manticore's Project Eternity- a highly modified and versatile android body that the extremely wealthy could place their minds into to escape death.

Eve's model was engineered to be used as a display for several types of cybernetic shells that could be produced, giving her samples of other model's speed, agility, endurance, and both defensive and offensive capabilities, without the full packages of each.



Before she was known as "EVE", she was Evelyn Eskil, the teenage daughter of lead Manticore scientist, Dr. Horace Eskil, and his late wife Marisa Lee, a techie who excelled in high class modifications. Marisa died in childbirth due to complications, leaving Evelyn with her grandfather's care while her own father was being worked near constantly by the corporation. When Evelyn became ill with a degenerative disease, her father promised to help her, but always just wasn't around enough. He was hard at work, balancing his work for Manticore and his search for a cure or a solution to his daughter's suffering and disease.

When it was clear that she was getting worse and worse, Horace downloaded a copy of her brain, and performed tests on her personality and memories, recording all data for his projects. Maybe there was a way for him to help his little girl finally... and have Manticore pay for it. Having his cake and eating it as it were.

When Evelyn's grandfather finally passed, Dr. Eskil was hard at work, unable to attend his death....or funeral, due to working on the Manticore project: Eternity- a project that would ensure the long lives of the very wealthy when their human bodies failed them. With Evelyn now in the care of hospital, Horace decided now wa sthe time and while using her brain scan and all the information he gathered about her he formed an AI of his daughter, he placed her into the gynoid body of his first prototype, aptly named 'Eve'.

The deadline for the project came and Eve was put on display for the interested parties, all mega-wealthy and high class of the corpo world. It had seemed to go well, her training had improved with what she had been given to use, but... not all of her was... there. Since poor Dr. Eskil didn't really know his daughter that well, the AI wasn't perfect. and tests had shown that some of the data had been lost during the move. The investor's didn't like that at all, they expected and demanded perfection if they were to use these bodies... and why just the female model? Why no male? Most of the investors were male. He might be a genius, but he was shortsighted of the audience he was demonstrating to. They cared little for sentiment.... a father giving his daughter a new body, fine whatever. How did the actual product work? There were flaws, Flaws. There had to be an AI to operate the android, it could not function without 'somebody' driving it. Which meant they couldn't test it for themselves right then, no they had to wait to have one developed from their consciousness and memories. No. They would wait until this was perfected and not such a rough diamond. They had little time for 'attempts'.

WIth the failure of the demonstration, Dr. Eskil tried to reupload Evelyn into the body, getting better results, but causing more problems as he went. Layering personality over personality without a way to properly remove the consciousness inside. Maybe... a chip design. Yes. A chip design, that way nothing can be lost. Just insert a chip with the AI in it... and it should work... right?

Sort of. There were still problems with moving over a CONSCIOUSNESS. Everything so far had been....a copy but not.... legit. He needed the real thing. The.... real thing... was laying in a hospital bed, most likely alone and slowly dying, unable to move for herself. But her mind was still there... just... locked in that useless flesh body. Trapped. This... this was the time for drastic measures! He had to succeed before the next demonstration... and he had to save his daughter- it was... the least he could do after all he had missed and... simply not been there for her through any of it. The guilt and pressure ate at him until he finally decided suddenly, one night to go through with it. IT, being the plan of a most heinous nature. If he failed, it was murder... murder of his own flesh and blood. But.... BUt if he succeeded...!

The rewards would be LIFE ETERNAL.

He stole his daughter away in the middle of the night, during a shift change, and took her to his workshop, explaining everything to her. Her eyes staring at him with intensity of panic and confusion, but no sounds, no movement. a man was present, a stranger to this workspace, but what seemed to be a professional in his field. A medical profession. He had hired the best, most discreet back alley medic to perform what he could not... The Medic put her under and began the surgery, only after hours of work, removing the brain and effectively killing Evelyn in the process. But her brain was still alive and well. Oh yes, quite a lovely organ, many folds, quite a smart girl, yes. Healthy brain.

It was done and yet... The work had just begun.

She woke to sounds, systems turning on from standby, such sharp acute sounds! She felt.... different. Things seemed to be... enhanced, sharper in image and sound and.... feel?

Blink. Blink.

BLINK. both now at the same time. Yes, that was better.

For some reason, she raised her head to see the source of... shouting? Much to her shock, her body followed, and quite easily too! Her movement was fluid and with so much ease, she was worried she may fly off the ta... table? She was on a table? How long had she been here? She caught sight of her hands and stared at them. No tubes...No bruises from broken blood vessels... Was she... healed? She touched her face, it felt real enough, it wasn't a dream. She got off the table, standing for the first time in.... since she was 10! Evelyn nearly cried.

"JUST LET ME SHOW YOU TO HER! YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF!" Her father's voice... angry and loud.

She took a few apprehensive steps closer. They were just outside the door, so close... Who was the other man?

"Dr. Eskil, what you've done is beyond even our limits here. The demonstration is canceled, it's been nearly a year, you embarrassed us last year and now .. now THIS. You've lost it, and we no longer have need of your service here at Monticore. Security should be here any minute... You won't be working anywhere in this city ever again, Dr. Eskil." The voice was male... cold... and so rude... so rude without being crude.. but his tone just held such contempt. She reached the door when she was stopped by something on her head? She took a few steps back and looked behind her. Thick black cords were coming from her body and to some device next to the table she had been on. There were several, actually! Small ones, some clear with ... liquids... some thick and opaque. What was this? Whe touched the large one at the back of her neck, finding smaller ones attached at the base of her neck, and.... further down her spine!

Evelyn had let out a scream of panic, when she tried to pull out the large cable. It disconnected with some ease, causing red to flash.... in her vision? Bars, meters, numbers appeared as she looked about wildly. Flashing red! She tried to grab for the cable to ..plug it back in, but it was grabbed from her hand by another, an older man, she had almost not recognized him. As she looked up at him, diagnostics were running on him, telling her ...information about him. Dr. Eskil...

"Father?"" She whispered in shock and confusion.

"I'm so sorry, dear... I am so sorry it is like this. Please forgive me.. I.. I had to!"

"Had to ..what?" She had no idea what was going on.

"Dr. Eskil..." Another man approached, in heavy body armor, and a symbol of ...a griffin? what was that? Horace ignored them as he looked down at his daughter, his... creation twice over.

"I made a body for you, but you...." He tapped his temple. "Had to come with it for it to work. You don't have to worry anymore, dear. I... I'm taking care of you- you... you're going to be amazing. You'll show them. For me, for your mom.. for yourself. You'll show them all. I know it may not seem like it, but I love you.. I did it all for you... I worked so hard for you, but I missed everything.. I'm so sorry." He touched her face just as he was grabbed and westled away by security.

Seeing people gang up on her father and start to brutalize him, had small circles position themselves around various points on the men's armor and bodies. What? What was that for? Was it... like a game? Targets? Each spot had a percentage of effectiveness and she focused on the knee of the closest man and suddenly...

Her systems went green, the tube flying off of her as they disconnected, something inside of ehr knew she could.. take them out... easily. In one stride she was up and with a swipe of her hand, effectively aved in a security officer's knee cap like it was paper. Eve almost... didn't feel it. Nor did she feel... bad for really fucking up this man's career probably.

"GET OFF OF HIM!" Her voice boomed, amplified as she started to go for the other circles on the guards. Arms were broken, knees, legs, shoulders dislocated. Where had she even learned to fight?! This felt... AMAZING! Soon Eve was standing over them as they groaned and cursed on pain, when something hit the back of her head, causing her to slightly shift her balance to catch herself. The metal PING! sound followed the blast from behind her causing her to reach up and feel where her hair had been ruined. It felt wet... there was... pain.. but... something smooth in the wound.

And THEN it kicked in. PAIN!!! She gasped as her brain registered the sensation for what it was, she had been shot! She turned and looked at the Executive staring at her with wide eyes, before determination filled them and he aimed to shoot again. She dodged the shot, now that she saw it incoming, and picked up the table and threw it at him, hitting him easily and crushing him against the wall with it.

"Nonononononono!!" Dr. Eskil repeated as if it was something that could stop what he was seeing. He rushed towards Even and put some bandages on the wound. It wasn't real blood, just something to make the white dermis look fleshy and to fill out the body, but it was needed. "I have to repair you. just.. just... God...

It was about 30 minutes and 14 seconds before he was done patching and repairing the damage done.. even giving her more hair to replace the now bald spot where she had been shot.

"You must be more careful! We... we need to get out of here, Oh God.. is he dead? Is he... oh God.. I don't think he's breathing." He muttered under his breath as he paced.

It took a long time to sneak out of the building, her father giving her her first run down of how to use her body and activate the AI or guidance. How to hack security to get out, and how to handle things gently, instead of crushing everything. The two escaped out onto the streets and into the wild chaos of the streets. For months they avoided Manticore security and drones, destroying some to use for parts. That was.. until Dr. Eskill... vanished one day, leaving Eve all alone with no clues. Had Manticore taken him? Had he been taken by some street gang? A Bounty Hunter? Or maybe he just got tired of her and the trouble he was in and ...left on his own?


    >>> SKELETON: Much of the negative space of a normal human skeleton has been filled with strong metal frame that will support the body and 'organs' with ease.

    >>> MUSCULATURE: Dense meshwork of fibrous polymer and metal for strength and give for long lasting movement and endurance. These mimic the muscles of a typical human body, but with exceptions for adaptation to the bones and allowing a minute series of organs to protect including a Heart pump, stomach container, and sexual organs.

    >>> DERMIS: Improved REALtouch* synthskin dermis that is made of protective material for the systems underneath and within the layers of the dermis itself. It can be removed and applied in patterned strips and is made of thick layers of multiple materials, such as: layers for electric protection, layers for sensors that replicate human skin nerves, a layer of red squishy gel that helps color the white dermis a healthy fleshy pink of a normal human. When warm it can melt and bond the layer together, (when cut it can act like blood and filling like fat), and then an outer layer that replicates the feel of soft human skin that is mildly self regenerating (but only for this outside layer and cannot heal deep wounds only superficial scrapes and cuts: prototype nanotech).

    >>> HAIR: Made completely of Techhair, cut to the style of her human counterpart, but can be altered in color, but does not grow.

    >>> EYES: Fiber optic eyes, made to replicate the look of human eyeballs, different settings for various ways to see: nightvision, enhanced vision, infrared, and an overlay for target assistance with a hook up for an AI system for combat assistance and scanning. These eyes are an almost exact copy of Evelyn's human organic eyes.

    >>> RIGHT ARM: *Cannot be used at the same time.*
    >>>>>> Prototype Manticore Projectile Launch System - Taser darts [Forearm] : Can reload via cartrige that holds 10 darts. Arm opens and fires a projectile, target systems used by AI and Eye Optics. Stuns target for 20 seconds, can disrupt cybernetics momentarily
    >>>>>> Prototype Manticore Protection DataCuff: A collapsible cuff that allows access to a biometer reader and a holopad that connects to the net for mobile access, that runs interferance for netrunners and hackers. [Limited hacking capabilities: can reverse hack only if hacking is attempted].

    >>> LEFT ARM: *cannot be used at the same time, or while holding a weapon.*
    >>>>>> Prototype Manticore Personal Balistics Shield [Forearm] : Shield hidden in the forearm can be reaveled and unfolded as small defense against balistics or even unorthodox means as a stabbing weapon or used to help climb.
    >>> A.I.: Helper for targeting and systems maintenance. Is modeled after.... herself. Which is odd. A.I. EVE assists in hacking and defenses, as well as conversaton. very awkward conversation...

    >>> Cyberbody transferance: [Two fold] Two methods of transferance possible. FInding nother prototype body (or converting over some other cybernetic body) and inserting the brain into it if the original official prototype body i damaged beyond repair. There is a lmited amount created by Dr. Eskil: 5 full prototypes (weapons and body armor, fully formed and equipped), 4 pre-prototypes (very basic, no weapons, some are incomplete).
    The second way is to send out the A.I to occupy another temorarily, hacking either a sensory or a limb of an enemy.
    >>> Side arms: One SMG of a prototype Manticore design, One Thermoptic Handgun. Two clips for each.
  • STRENGTH/ENDURANCE LEVEL: Superhuman, as her body is not human, but instead cybernetic, but not without limits. Her strength is up to the point of being able to lift a car off the ground, but not strong enough to throw it (think heavy power lifting). Her physical endurance is superhuman as her body does not tire, her mind and brain on the other hand, does. This requires her need to sleep, and while asleep be hooked up to machines to refresh the nutrient and oxygen-rich protective gel around her brain.



    >>>> Electricity: Can stun and cause pain, with a high enough voltage and amperage it can short out systems and cause burns, melting the unique dermis layer of her cybernetic body.

    >>>> Water: Inside the body is not a good thing, unless it is housed inside the 'stomach' and to be passed out of the 'digestive system'. When in places it shouldn't be, it can cause rusting and shortages.

    >>>> Weight: WIth the weight of her Cybernetic body being over 300 lbs, she could easily sink to the bottom of a body of water, and have no way back up, unless she has some sort of motor propeller device, or merely walks her way to a shore. This also proposes a problem if she falls into a trap or needs to be picked up or carried to safety. She's very solidly built.

    >>>> Living Brain: Her head is the most protective area of her body due to the fact it protects and contains her real living brain... that is, with some specialized augmentations to not overload it when placed in control of a fully cybernetic body. Her skull is a series of folding parts that encompass the brain like a rose bud. Her brain is, of course, very sensitive, and when exposed, can be damaged and even destroyed like any other brain.

    >>>> Cyberpsychosis: Eve has not been a gynoid for long. This new life is still brand new for her and is taking a lot to get used to. Only time will see if she can handle it.

  • NETRUNNERS: As her body is not flesh but nearly completely cybernetic, her limbs can be hacked, though her brain cannot be as it is flesh still, adding resistance to sensory hacking.


The eyes were fround on google images from 3d artist THIAGO PAULINO.

FACIAL IMAGES ARE: Scarlett Johansson, and also do not belong to me.