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Sep 1, 2020

Jason Shiou
“Let's make a deal...”

"Everyone has a price. Wanna know yours?"

Jason Shiou

NAME: Jason Shiou
AGE: 35
AFFILIATION: Manticore Incorporated, Senior Sales Representative
Kensington Gang, Possible Gang Member​

HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 198 lbs
EYE COLOR: Blue (Cyberlens Color)

Mr.Shiou is a man living two very different lives. Both equally as heartless, Mr.Shiou calls the shots from high atop Manticore Incorporated Headquarters, raining hell on his enemies below. When pen and paper white-collar crime just isn't enough, Mr.Shiou turns to the streets to take care of things. Working with well-known street gang "The Kensingtons", Mr.Shiou works to call shots and push product through the city. Playing a double-edged sword, there is a high chance that product he sells is often recollected by Manticore Enforcement Personel; Then, disappears from their storage bay without a trace. Product is flipped often and plentiful, resupplying itself through the circle of crime life. Keeping a cool head, Mr.Shiou continues to be one of the top performers in the Manticore Incorporated sales team, often closing big contracts without complications. His political and public image is kept clean and tight, with work constantly preventing overseeing eyes from peering too far. Jason Shiou is a force to be reckoned with, but all giants eventually fall...



“I told you our product would take you places… I never said they would be places you wanted to go..”

Jason stood over-top of the beaten, battered man. He chucked as he watched the puddle of blood grow larger under his downed victim, sighing as he rubbed a splotch of the fresh crimson paint job off the barrel of his pistol. "You know, the sad thing is, no one will ever come looking for you. Just another drug deal gone wrong, another young soul gone too early". The victim choked for life, coughing up more and more blood with every attempt to plea for mercy.

“What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?” said Jason, a painfully grinned smile echoed his face. This was face value, this really was another drug deal gone wrong; However, little did the poor buyer know that Jason called all the angles... About this time in any similar situation, the area would've began crawling with Manticore Enforcement Scout Drones- That is, if they hadn't been ordered to stand down from an internal network modification.

Jason cocked back his weapon, letting a casing bounce from the chamber to the bloodied concrete below. "I never thought someone would be stupid enough to cross me- I really never did. I mean, come'on kid, I run these streets. Hah- I mean, what was the next part of the plan? Join my competition..? I hate to tell you, but there's been a real unfortunate string of accidents occurring with them, real nasty stuff". He pressed the hot barrel of his weapon onto the mans cheek, pushing it inward slightly, leaving a small burn as it met skin. "Real nasty stuff. Car bombs, executions, hell- I hear the Omega's were even skinned limb-by-limb. Now tell me son... Is that really what you wanted to get into? Am I the asshole for trying to sell you quality?". Jason spit down on the man, stomping his boot into his abdomen.

“I should've known better than to think pond scum was anymore than what it was. Just another spec of mud on society..”


Jason reached down to his hip, sliding the weapon back in his holster. With a swift hand signal, he motioned to the rest of his team that it was time to go. Pushing a boot forward, he kicked the limp, blood-covered body over onto it's front. He then tossed a small bag of Kicker Powder onto it, walking away. In the distance, a radio click can be heard...

"Alright boys, bring in the cleanup crew..."


High Class Luxury Suits
Designer Fashionware Stunner Jackets
Cybereye Color Changing Implant
Manticore Enforcement Assistance Request Beacon (Ability to request light NPC assistance, NPC's must take real time to arrive)
Various Small Arms


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