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Sep 2, 2020
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Welcome to Silicon Point, the safest place in the world!

From the lush shopping districts, to the vibrant corners of Neoplex Square Residential, our protection keeps you shielded from the hazards of modern life. In the modern technology age, there may be bad seeds out trying to cause mischief, we won't stand for it! Our 24/7/365 security services ensure any troublemakers are dealt with.

Modern security needs require modern technological enhancements to ensure the most effective solution. This is why Manticore Incorporated is the leading superpower in the world. Our modern day enhancements turn the old, weak officer into a force to be reckoned with. Pesky street gang causing trouble in your district? Call Manticore to cleanse that issue.

Nothing makes you feel safer than 24/7 monitoring, and that's why we allow our drones to hover through the city without limitation. After all, we wouldn't want to see you get mugged in an alleyway...

In addition to our constant air protection team, we have multiple Enforcement Officers deployed in each district to ensure that you always feel safe. At home, or abroad, you can rest easy knowing a Manticore Enforcement Officer is moments away from firing a round down walkway; Always aiming at the baddies of course.

Additionally, we understand there are times where we won't be able to avoid conflict. Rest assured, we are ready when the moment comes and your freedom will never be sacrificed. Our Enforcement Teams also contain highly-trained, ready-to-deploy, strike teams that will work furiously to ensure the future of your home is never at stake. Working with the best equipment money can buy, we also equip our strike teams with our own personal cutting-edge tools before they even hit the public market. This ensures that we are always one step ahead of our opposition. While we don't take pride in beating justice into submission, we do it so we can make this world safer for you. We have no financial gain from protecting the streets, only the value of seeing smiling faces as they walk through our city.

We thank you for your understanding and participation.

Silicon Point, the safest place-

Are- are they gone? Look alright, I don't have much time to tell you about this. Manticore is fucking crazy man. This? This is all one big front. They have this city in a meat grinder and they are just calling the shots from above, turning the handle over and over again. Don't buy into this corporate agenda, they are killing their own people, killing competition to stay on top. You need to break free of this brainwashing! Project KNIGHT is part of their pl-


-in the world!

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