MEC - 1 "Helper" Bot



MEC-1 Helper Robot
Multiporpose Laborer Droid
Can be changed based on GM input

Adding more flavour to the world by adding a dystopic robot that can take many low-level jobs, driving people to be unemployed
Bi-pedal Humanlike locomotion
Power Supply:
Generic Power Cell that lasts about 22 hours before it needs to be recharged at a MEC-1 Charging Port! [bought separately]
Basic sensor suite such as cameras for eyes.
5 feet tall
Made with simple aluminum and plastic materials, it is rather fragile. Construction Worker versions are made with more resilient materials such as steel.
Weapon Systems:
It is not equipped with weapon systems and it cannot be modified for combat duties since it has very simple programming.
Multi-Task Database - Depending on the model bought, it can weld different tools based on the proprietary software brought.

A robot made en-mass to make labour cheap, the MEC-1 is rather old in its technology, but dependable when it is employed to execute simple jobs such as house keeping, gardening, factory jobs, bartender duties, waiter-ing and construction worker jobs. Its lack of specialized tools make it easy for it to adapt to situations, since all it needs to perform a job is the proprietary "Job" package via software and the tools to do it.

It can work for 22 hours straight before having to be recharged for 2 hours at a MEC Recharging Port, where it can be re-programmed or updated. Because many of its components are simple by design, it is widely available to households that can afford it.

As a drawback, such robots are not connected to the Net. They have to be turned off manually trought the console on their backs. Modifications to the programming or tasks it needs to be performed can only be done at its MEC Recharging Port.