Indie Petra "Fix" Stoll


A Snake
Sep 5, 2020
Petra "Fix" Stoll

Age: Late 20s

Sexuality: I don't like labels.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: Quit asking.

Hair Color: It changes.

Eye Color: That changes too. Try to pin me down, bitch.

Affiliation: Independent

Skills: Pretty good shot, top rank motorcyclist, fast talker, real good at fixing shit.

Weaknesses: I dunno, being murdered? Short-circuiting? Cash flow is a big one I guess.


- Neural Interface Port: Gotta hook up to all this smart shit somehow. Put 'em behind my ears with some real nice silver stud plugs.
- Cyberarm and Cyberleg: Both on the right side. I uh... lost 'em both in a fight with a shark man, but you shoulda seen how he turned out...
+Tool Hand: Little fingie tools.
+Talon Foot: Little toesie knives. Better to kick the shit out of you with.
- Pointy Ears: That was just for fun, honestly.

Personality: A little brash at times, Petra doesn't worry about saying what's on her mind. She only needs to be nice when "nice" is gonna get her something she needs. The world isn't built on kindness, and she's not going to pretend it is any more. It's a complex system of power built on money, and she knows she won't get anywhere if she can't play the game. Well... she talks a big talk, anyway. The money'll come later.
Petra keeps on the defensive most of the time, pretty sure that everyone just wants to get something for nothing. Either that or they're going to kill her. Seems likely that she doesn't have much luck left to spend., so an assassination attempt would make sense. Best to treat everyone like a potential assassin and avoid the will-they-won't-they, y'know?

- Techscanner: Simple. It scans tech. I use it for running diagnostics and shit like that.
- Tool Kit: Everything I need to handle repairs. I've got a small kit that I take on the go, and a bigger one at the ol' base of operations.
- Cellphone: Yeah, one of those. The old kind, with a built-in flashlight and all that kinda shit. Quit lookin' at me like that - it works good!
- Shiftacts: Color-changing contacts, it's a trick of the trade, baby.
- 2 Militech Avengers: Pistols. For shooting. No, I didn't buy them.
- 1 Monoblade Knife: For extra stabbing potential.
- 1 Ostoure Motorbike: Looks cool, gotta go fast.

There's not a whole lot to say. Petra was originally planning to get educated and pick up a job in engineering. Somewhere along the way, it became clear that her job prospects weren't looking good. Not a lot of space for free-thinkers, if you know what I mean. So she bailed.
There wasn't much of anywhere for her to go. Parents dead (blah blah, sad orphan shit) and friends still stuck in the system, she just hit the streets. It wasn't easy, going from having a home to having no home, but people on the streets usually look out for one another. Usually. Unless you're in a gang or some shit, then probably not. Maybe it's more like a 50/50 shot... 40/60? Anyway, she got lucky and someone halfway decent found her. Set her up fixing cars, bikes, weapons, Cyberware... pretty much anything.
It was a decent gig. Benefits were pretty shit, but otherwise it was fine. Petra was making a little money to put towards herself, it looked like maybe things would be okay.
Their spot got blown up by Manticore. Like, literally blown up. Petra won't tell you, but that's where half her body went - blown to smithereens. She should have died, but she cashed in a bit more luck and got picked up by some racers that saw it all go down. They knew she had a reputation for fixing shit, and they needed someone to do the fixing, so they financed her new limbs in exchange for her loyalty and service.
Petra doesn't race. Doesn't want to put herself out there and doesn't want to get wrapped up in all the excitement. She's working to pay off her debt, fixing rides for the racers and doing some light smuggling on the side. Her bike was supposed to be scrap, but she fixed it up to get her own mode of transportation.
Petra's been keeping an eye on those RFT guys. She'd probably do anything to get back at Manticore, if only she could get a hold of someone that could help.