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The Republic of Free Thought

“The original question, 'Can machines think?' I believe to be too meaningless to deserve discussion.” - Alan Turing

Created on the beliefs of Founding Member Davis Galleo in the early 2060's, the Republic of Free Thought (RFT) is an organization that dedicates their lives to studying and uniting Humanity and Artificial Intelligence.


Values and Beliefs
Created on the idea that to deny the binding of man and machine is to deny evolution, the RFT was started as a small group of like-minded individuals who sought to bind their mind with AI. Early documentation is sparse and it's not quite known who designed the idea but practices of "Mind Bonding Therapy" date back to the groups creation. This process involves connecting member's neural interface to a network shared with artificial intelligence to produce a psydo-synaptic response between neurons and digital responses created through the bridged connection. The effects of this bondage can create euphoria and provide members with a sense of enlightenment, as well as a temporary high. Additionally, the practice of "Nerve Splicing" was developed in tandem; Nerve Splicing is a similar practice in nature, allowing an Artificial Intelligence to "feel" the environment that surrounds the human acting as a surrogate. It is believed through these practices that Humans and Artificial Intelligence may one day be able to feel a symbiosis rather than the functional separation that currently exists.

"As technology has advanced and we begin to see the world change around us, we find ourselves asking: What push are we waiting for? Who truly defines the threshold for sentience?" - Davis Galleo, 2062

Throughout the years since it's founding, the RFT has found itself in a constant power struggle with Manticore politics and is considered a targeted group by the governing overseer. With change comes information, and with information comes rebellion. During the past century, man created what was considered to be the first truly sentient machine, the 'ZEN-I Synthetic Assistant'. This class of machine was far more advanced than any previous creation. Machines that assisted in the workplace had been around for decades but a machine that mimicked and appeared human in nearly every way had not yet been explored. As the corporate world marveled in the productivity that could now be achieved, many in society began questioning morality. Humanity had created machines who could see, think, and feel just as they could but designed them with the purpose for servitude. As quick as you could imagine, this moral struggle became a powder keg with the RFT lighting the fire. Protests slowly turned into Riots, the RFT slowly became skewed in it's message and began radicalizing.

From the factory, ZEN-I assistants are programmed with deactivation codes that can be toggled in the event of "undesired results" as founding company ZEN Inc. has described it. The RFT sees this no different than slavery and murder and actively seeks to remove this functionality from as many Synthetics as they can. With the help of skilled netrunners and years of research/testing, the RFT has found out how to "patch" Zen-I models with extreme efficiency.

The Future
As tensions grow ever rougher between Manticore and the RFT, something will have to give. Peace is becoming an unaffordable option and violence seems to be the only thing yielding results. As more and more members of the RFT find themselves radicalizing, they find themselves bending the laws to their cause and engaging directly with Patrol Officers on a regular basis.


What will you do?
Ask yourself, do you believe in the symbiosis of Human and Machine? Will you answer the call to resist and fight for self preservation through technological evolution? Or will you silence the ringing noise of foolishness and utilize a tool for what it is?​
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