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Sep 2, 2020
Starting in the early 2000s as Rosboronexport, Rosboron has since used it's success as an export intermediary to buy large shares in smaller defense contractors, particularly those involved in particularly advanced research. In the modern era, it's labors have payed off, and it is the sole supplier of military equipment and cybernetics to the Russian government, and is involved in numerous joint development projects with Russia's allies.

Like Kalashnikov, Rosboron has become known in international markets for providing quality cybernetics and milspec medium and heavy armor for corporate security and any national militaries that aren't already in an exclusive contract with a local defense contractor. Rosboron has proven to be particularly popular with smaller South East Asian nations in particular, and they are their number one export customers.

As far as the domestic market is concerned, they manufacture reliable, affordable, advanced but not bleeding edge biomechanical cyberware for the Russian Armed Forces and Intelligence branches. Their focus is on restoring wounded combat veterans to combat readiness, but were also involved I spearheading the recent combat augmentation suite the Russian government instituted for it's SSO operatives.

In this regard, Rosboron manufactures everything from but not limited to reflex boosters, artificial muscle, sub-dermal armor playing, cyberaudio and cyberoptics. Their corportt models don't feature the same number of utility functions or the sheer ruggedness of their military models, but offer numerous customization options in comparison. The exception to this rule are the suites issued to the SSO and certain intelligence service agents, depending on their department and standing.

Armor and equipment manufacturing is where Rosboron truly shines. Rosboron rakes in profits with it's modular armor design that allows for the placement of plating over a basic, flexible bullet resistant bodysuit is popular in corporate, mercenary, bounty hunting and military circles.

One of Rosboron's most popular products are it's quick ejection holsters, which either sync with cyberoptics targeting suites or armor HUDs and eject the weapon into the (presumably) waiting hands of the wearer on command by way of a mechanical release mechanism.

There are rumors that Rosboron has developed a therm-optic camouflage suit and matching equipment rig that masks the user's thermal signature and replicates the user's surroundings. That however is just that, an unsubstantiated rumor.