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Sep 2, 2020
Senior Lieutenant Vasily Mikhailovich "Volk" Beloi

(image captured during SSO training, prior to augmentation)
34 • MaleHeterosexualBorn: 06/03/2027
Nickname(s): Volk, Vasya (friends and family)

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 208 lbs

Allegiance: SSO, occasionally performs tasking orders issued by the GRU. Dabbles in bounty hunting and mercenary work.

Languages: Russian, English, limited French and German.

Habits: Vasily tends to swear a plenty during combat, as most soldiers do. He also tends to take a sip out of his hip flask before an assignment, for 'good luck', as he and the rest of the unit used to do.
  • Excellent Shot: Vasily is a fantastic marksman, able to pull off shots that most people wouldn't even consider making.
  • Skilled in Fieldcraft: Extensive training has only served to augment Vasily's talents in Fieldcraft, something that was integral to him performing his task as one of the unit's marksmen and occasionally as their scout.
  • Skilled in Hand-to-Hand and CQC: Vasily has a particular talent for hand-to-hand combat, capable of utilizing both Sambo and Systema Spetsnaz to even the odds against a stronger opponent, though naturally not guaranteeing victory. His skills with a knife are also commendable, and he's put them to use to great effect in his career so far.
  • Special Forces Training: SSO training covers a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: skydiving, mountaineering, combat swimming, scuba diving, survival, interrogation resistance and urban warfare.
  • Agile Hunter: Vasily's reflexes are fast, even for an SSO operator. It's this speed that's often given him an edge against otherwise equally matched adversaries.
  • Too Trusting of 'Non-Combatants': Vasily's far too trusting of people he see's as defenseless, such as unarmed children, teenagers and young adults. The lack of clear distinctions between combatants and non-combatants puts him at unease, seeing as it reminds him very much of Tajikistan.
  • Nightmares: Vasily is plagued by frequent nightmares of what happened on the fateful day where he lost the rest of his unit. They've lessened in frequency in severity since, but they show no sign of going away no matter what he's done to rid himself of them.
  • Reacting to a World in Slow Motion: His reflex boosters make the rest of the world around him appear as though it's moving in slow motion. After the loss of his squad, Vasily has had trouble identifying with those not augmented like he is, but has shown no signs of mental instability because of this. Not yet in any case.
  • Until the End: Vasily is willing to see his mission through to the end, vowing to find those who killed his unit and make them pay even if it kills him.
  • Untrusting: Ever since the incident, and thanks to his implants, Vasily finds it hard to trust people. He regards most people who aren't his superiors or his fellow servicemen with suspicion, expecting them to turn on him at any point.
Overall Personality: Vasily is a loyal and close to those who call him friend, providing hours of entertainment with his stories, some of which will come as a result of him being inebriated. He appears cold and distant to anyone else. He posses a dry and sarcastic wit, with a tendency towards gallows humor. He has what most would describe as a long memory but a short fuse. He's strong willed with strong convictions, and isn't afraid to tell people exactly what he thinks of them or the situation at hand. After the incident he has demonstrated a complete disregard for what people seem to think about him. Even though he has since preferred to work alone for fear of losing another team, he's willing to work with others if it means getting what he needs.

Vasily is very proud of his country, and will tolerate no insults toward his homeland. Despite how busy he keeps himself, he knows the value of having time to unwind. He ensures that he spends time pursuing his few hobbies, and occasionally ventures out for human company, even if he knows that he'll never truly identify with anyone not like him. Even so, he's given it a chance more times than he can count, and has succeeded in maintaining a lasting friendship in such a case with only one individual so far. Most of his time is spent with the other SSO and support personnel. As such, Vasily prefers to fill his time with some activity or the other, preferring it to the accusations of his idle mind.

  • C6 Breaching Charges x4
  • TSNIITOCHMASH MON 250 Pursuit Denial/Anti-Personnel Landmine x4
  • Spare Battery Cell for the 'Prizrak' Infiltration Suit x1
  • Spare O2 Catridges for the 'Prizrak' Infiltration Suit x3
  • Handcuffs
  • Detcord (2m)
  • Grappling Hook (with interchangeable heads)
  • Military Medkit
  • Rosboron 'Prizrak' Infiltration Suit
  • Hip flask that stays topped off with Stolichnaya Vodka.
  • Shaitan Mono-Edge Knives x2
  • TSNIITOCHMASH UTF-15 Special Purpose Pistol topped off with a Rosboron CCOT 2x20 optic.
  • TSNIITOCHMASH TSVS topped off with a Rosboron CCOT 8-80x56 optic and fitted with a bipod.
  • Flash-bang Grenades x2
  • Smoke Grenades x2
  • Rosboron SSO Enhancement Package
History: Vasily was born to a rich Russian family and grew up in an upmarket part of Moscow. For the young Vasily, life was fairly easy. He went to a private school, but despite coming from such wealth never took that for granted and was a very good student. Even at a young age, Vasily inculcated a good work ethic. This was a welcome change from the entitled students that the teachers were used to. In school, he got along well with most of his fellow pupils. Naturally charismatic, but not quite the most popular nor the face of a group.

It was however, when his father took him to the range was when his marksmanship talents came to surface. Like most ranges, especially in Russia, there were more than a few former military and military affiliated. Vasily was suggested to join the Russian Army as a marksman, and a former Russian Army scouts marksman suggested that he consider signing up with the SSO academy. The army wasn't where young Vasily Beloi's passions lay however, and so while he appreciated the praise, he didn't really give the advice another thought.

Vasily went on to graduate high school with high marks, hoping to get into the Rosboron Institute for Advanced Research to join the ranks of talented engineers developing the newest in computer aided weapons, a field in which he had been quite passionate about since a young age. Vasily sent his application in, and to his delight, was accepted. To celebrate, he and several friends got together and decided that celebrations were in order. Naturally, celebrations went well into the wee hours of the morning and they were all reasonably inebriated by the time they'd come to and end.

Unfortunately for Vasily, he almost became the victim of a crime of opportunity on the way to his brother's car. Before he knew it, he was staring down the barrel of what he later recognized as a GSh-18. Far too inebriated to provide any real resistance, or reason with his mugger, Vasily could only stare dumbfounded at the weapon. He would probably become a mugging victim if not for the timely intervention of a off-duty VDV paratrooper. Almost stepping out of a propaganda poster, the paratrooper caught the distracted mugger by surprise and proceeded to disarm him and hold the man at gunpoint with his own weapon. The paratrooper then exhorted Vasily to get moving with a phrase that Vasily wouldn't forget to this day, "Davai, brat."

This changed his life, and as cliched as it sounds, it reminded him of how much his country had given to him. Despite great disapproval and threats from his parents, Vasily decided that he was going to enlist. His recruiter saw great promise in him. He encouraged Vasily to take the additional test for the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School. Vasily's marksmanship talents, grades and good level of physical fitness secured his acceptance. There, he was identified as a advanced marksmanship techniques course candidate and was trained as a marksman and scout sniper for the SSO.

The training however, featured several other courses that would push Vasily to the very end of his physical and mental limits. Naturally, most of the candidates didn't come from as well off a background as he did. This led to problems with other students, and often frequent fights, though few were allowed to get physical. This was made all the more difficult when he received a letter from his parents' lawyer stating that he'd been officially disowned and was removed from their will. A letter from his father followed saying that if he dropped out and 'stopped this madness', they'd welcome him back into the family. His determination wavered here, as he was very much conflicted. It showed, and for a while, he was close to washing out.

It was the very next month where he snapped during a hand-to-hand training exercise and broke his sparring partner's arm. Normally this would have resulted in severe disciplinary action, but given that he had been a model candidate prior to his slow descent, and the two letters came to the attention of the faculty. Vasily's faculty adviser decided to call him in to his office to see if he could get one of his most promising pupils 'back on track'. His adviser reminded him of the reason that he was here, and reminded him that irrespective of what his parents said, he had nothing to prove to them, the only people he had something to prove to were those that gave him the chance to be at this prestigious academy.

It didn't assuage him completely, but Vasily dedicated his efforts into being the best possible candidate that he could be. After all, how could he waste this chance to serve that had been offered up to him? He owed his country to be the best soldier he possibly could. Vasily redoubled his efforts, and ended up scoring very well, even earning the begrudging respect of those who formerly resented him. This earned him his call sign of "Volk", a reference to the Russian proverb about how even a well fed wolf will still look to the forest. Upon graduation, Vasily was placed into an SSO unit operating in Tajikistan alongside the Indian MARCOS and Chinese "Oriental Sword" against extremist forces threatening both the local government and the various nations interests in the area.

The unit, under Major Pyotr Valentin, welcomed the young operator into their ranks. Vasily earned his place, proving himself to be an extremely skilled marksman with considerable natural talent to boot. It was after the completion of their first set of operations and a year after he'd joined the SSO that Captain Valentin remarked that, "you have now become one of the wolves, Vasya," thus cementing the moniker that he bears with pride to this day.

Vasily served ten years with the unit, rising to the rank of Senior Lieutenant. They became the family that disowned him, with Major Valentin becoming very much the father figure in his life. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and for Vasily that came when their unit was tasked with investigating a Gazprom refinery in Tajikistan that had gone silent. The unit inserted outside of the refinery and moved in on foot. Vasily and Alyena took up position outside, overlooking the facility and watching over the rest of the team, who made their entry into the facility. All was going well until they made it into the main facility, and discovered the bloodbath inside the control tower. The room was filled with bodies. Some had died fighting, while others had been shot in the back of the head, execution style.

Their medic, Artyom Chyornyj was the first to die. A sniper turned his head to mist inside his helmet. Captain Zaitsyev was one of the few who managed to disable their ULF transmitters in time, only he died protecting their technician from the veritable horde of mercenaries that had sprung from the seemingly abandoned refinery as they tried to withdraw from the very exposed control center. Vasily and his fellow marksman, Senior Lieutenant Davydova, tried to provide covering fire to little avail. It quickly became apparent that they were more than outnumbered, and with half their squad incapacitated, they stood very little chance of getting out of there.

During the chaos, their technician had managed to download the facility's logs, potentially providing some clue as to who their assailants were, and what their objective was. Realizing that they had no chance of winning this fight, and given that their long range communications were being jammed, Major Valentin ordered them to withdraw. When it became clear that sniper cover wasn't enough, their support gunner and demolitions expert, Lieutenants Petrovich and Morozov, sold their lives to allow Major Valentin, Lieutenant Voroboi and Junior Lieutenant Abramovna to get out.

The SSO rendezvoused, but by the time, Lieutenant Voroboi was dead and Junior Lieutenant Abramovna had been injured. Major Valentin reached Vasily and handed the injured Abramovna to him, though it seemed the mercenaries had caught up to them. Shots of opportunity struck home, tearing through Vasily's armor and skin weave. Injured and pinned down, Vasily had no chance of retreat. Only when he saw how injured Major Valentin and Junior Lieutenant Abramovna were did he realize how grim the situation was. Valentin however, had formulated a last ditch plan. Asking him for his grenades, and taking Junior Lieutenant Abramovna's spare magazines, he told Vasily to leave.

Adamant about not losing the closest thing he'd had to a father, Vasily refused. What Major Valentin said, is forever stuck in his mind, "Don't be an idiot, Vasya. Don't make me order you to leave. Dying here, with me, won't help the situation. Get Natalya out of here, so that what happened here isn't buried with our bodies." Reluctantly, Vasily managed to drag his comrade out, trying not to listen to the slowly fading sounds of gunfire. Vasily managed to get out of jamming range and stay conscious long enough to request an extraction.

When he woke up, he was in a hospital bad, recovering from his injuries. The two SSO officers in the room with him with solemn expressions told him all he needed to know. They told him that no one else had survived, that they'd found the bodies of Senior Lieutenant Davydova and Major Valentin, the former charred and mangled and the latter riddled with bullets. They also made him an offer, an offer to let him track down those responsible. Vasily accepted without hesitation. Given time to recover and to remember those who were taken from him, Vasily was sent to the United States as 'Corporate Security' for various Russian firms.

In reality, he was working with GRU and SSO, chasing down leads that would lead to those responsible for the attack that claimed his team. In addition, Vasily spent his free time working as a assassin and bounty hunter, at first at the behest of the GRU so that they could gain more of an insight into the 'corporate culture' that now governed life in the country. This started on the East Coast, particularly Boston. Here, he made a name for himself. Three years later, and the name 'Volk' was known in certain circles as the man you went to when you needed someone removed.

It was during these three years that he made his first and only friend in a long time, a fellow bounty hunter named Cindi. They'd met at the same arms dealer who procured Vasily his rare and exotic ammunition that he occasionally required. The two became fast friends despite the ten years difference in age. They ran into each other on the 'job' several times. On one occasion they both found themselves under fire, and Cindi called him to tell him about the day she was having, mentioning a 'sniper trying to take her head off'. This prompted him to mention the 'crazy bitch firing grenades' at him. They had a moment of realization, and once they realized they were shooting at each other, they decided to go after the target together and split the bounty.

When Vasily's search took him to Silicon Point, he parted ways with Cindi, promising to visit and the two kept in touch. However, when the GRU had reasonable suspicion that Manticore was somehow involved, Vasily promised himself that he'd let nothing get in the way till he found the bastard(s) responsible and made them regret the day they took his family from him.