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Sep 2, 2020


>Our government is failing. They were out of options, and in a desperate attempt to bring us up from the depths, they began to sell branches off to big corporations. From the ashes of our fallen democracy, global enterprises skyrocketed into control, taking over all areas of our government. The rise of advanced tech followed shortly after, but the quality of life for the poor and the unfortunate never got better. The rich prospered, furthering the division until our city seemed to split in two: The Upper District, commonly referred to as Uptown, and The Lower District, or Downtown. The Civil District served as a middle ground between the two halves, one bright and flashing, the other decrepit and all but forgotten.


>It only took six years for Manticore Incorporated to rise above the rest, buying out every other company in the industry. Then, in every other industry. It what seemed like the blink of an eye, they had bought out or beat out every other competitor, taking complete control of the government and market in the country. And then, once they had complete control within our borders, they spread, like a virus, across the globe. By 2050, they were the only parent company left in the world.


>After their conquest of the globe, Manticore began to turn out high end tech, starting with the neurallite processor. It formed the foundation for all of the tech to follow, from their subdermal devices, such as the skinwatch and the communications uplink, to their military hardware, like the Tactical Response Link and their prototype cyberoptics. It wasn't long before they had burned through all militaristic and medical applications and began producing Fashionware, their line of cosmetic implants and body augmentations.


>The ever growing rift between the upper class and the growing lower class became ever the more apparent in 2054, when Manticore released their newest series of cybernetic prosthetics. Those who could afford the latest and greatest wore shiny, new limbs, with add-ons like personal bio weapon systems and trade specific tool kits. Those who couldn't had to make do with outdated robotic prosthetics whose replacement parts were no longer available.The dissonance in the lower class began to garner attention from Manticore, who, coincidentally, began their Enforcement program.


>With the Enforcement program keeping the public in check, and their newly launched public relations campaign in full swing, Manticore revealed their newest and greatest tech: the Alpha model drone. Full autonomous and programmable, the full fledged semi sentient robots debuted alongside the Enforcers on the streets, armed with gun and laser attachments, top of the line cyberoptics, and an internal cybermodern uplink that sent a feed of everything they saw straight to Manticore headquarters for review.


>The year that the Republic of Free Thought first rose to the surface was the same year that Manticore released to the public informations about their biotech and nanotech technologies. Their first appearance in the stream was a simple message to all the citizens of Silicon Point: Rise up. Don't buy into the lies.Think for yourself. There was a sudden rise in Enforcers on the streets as response to the equally sudden number of people who fell off grid, all suspected members of the Republic.


> With the public opinion of Manitcore swaying in their favor more than ever, they released “the Grid.”A barcode tattoo identifier that could be linked to your bank accounts, your public records, and your social accounts. It contained all kinds of information about you; including, if read with the right equipment, every last detail about your life. From where you were a week ago to your birth name and your social security number, the Grid was Manticore’s tracking solutions for the public, making it that much easier for the company to send Enforcers your way.

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