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Sep 2, 2020

notice It is highly, highly recommended that you take the time to read the information on this page to better understand the overall lore of the Cyberpunk Roleplay website. While we do take influence from the tabletop games, CP2077, and other mediums such as Movies/Books, there is information here that is exclusive to our site and we want you to have an understanding so you can get the most enjoyment out of it. Additionally, as story threads progress, this timeline is subject to changes to reflect characters responses to certain issues. A notice will be posted if the timeline is updated, but please know that Silicon Point is meant to be a dynamic environment where things may change depending on events that transpire to keep things fresh and interesting for everyone.

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The world governments as we once knew them are on the brink of collapse. Desperate for both resources and power, the global superpowers of past life found themselves turning to the modern age of evolutions: The Corporations. While years of war and feuding politics only fueled corporations to develop their technology at a rapid rate, government agencies began falling behind in the global development race. Competing with themselves, and against ground crumbling beneath them, it became incredibly obvious to Corporations that the only viable solution was to create personal protection forces. Where police and law enforcement had failed to keep the peace for years, corps found themselves more capable of protection when they controlled all aspects of the industry. As corporations began to rise in power over existing government, politicians found themselves seeking asylum in the upper echelon of business taking roles as prominent industry leadership. Rising to authority, corporations began to band together to amass new cities where collapsing ones laid barren.


Silicon Point, built on the former ruins of Sacramento and home of Manticore Incorporated, is now one of the largest hub cities in the world. Established only a few years prior, Manticore has seen an industry boom unlike ever before. Vast plots of land are taken over and sprawling cityscapes are amassed. Rapid expansion sees the absorption of smaller companies and corporations into larger shell corporations controlled directly by Manticore. Dividing the city into various districts to help organize the wide-array of businesses under their thumb, Manticore chose to make 3 districts the most prominent of Silicon Point: A “Downtown District” that contains most of the residential buildings for the lower and middle class, an “Uptown District” that contains most of the shopping plazas and entertainment areas for the city, and a “Civil District” where Manticore runs their legislation from. These core areas can be broken down into smaller regions, however most in Silicon Point typically refer to the 3 overarching titles.

Growing in both strength and numbers, Manticore found itself spreading influence far outside the confines of Silicon Point; Eventually taking aim at the American government as a whole. While details about meetings with government leaders are kept under very tight lock-and-key, it is known that the American government was essentially bought out and full authority over the region was given to Manticore.


Following their conquest of government influence, Manticore spun up production on its first mainstream line of technology meant to “bring humanity to the modern age”. The first of these devices was the “Neurallite Processor”, a device meant to stream human consciousness and unused brain processing power to other microcontrollers and equipment. This design led to the direct integration of “man and machine” and paved the way for technology such as subdermal implants, as well as military grade technology and other experimental projects.


The growing gap between the Upper and Lower classes of Silicon Point became all the more evident following the release of “ZEN-I Synthetic Assistant”. This near sentient humanoid assistant was delivered as a tool to service those who could afford such a luxury. While some may have viewed this as a revolutionary moment for humanity, many in the lower class saw this as an attack on the services that they worked day in and out and felt that Manticore was looking to purge them from existence in favor of automation. Additionally, the frequent introduction of higher priced, “better” fashionware and other augmentations drained the pockets of the wealthy and people began viewing them more as a social status indicator, rather than simply a tool. Observing the unrest, Manticore began quelling some of the loudest voices and it became noticed that those who spoke out frequently began disappearing or passing in freak accidents. Rumors stirred online, “the Net” as it was called, was alive with fears and stories of revolutionaries finding themselves followed in the middle of the night or strange messages left on doorsteps.


Following the success of the ZEN-I Synths, Manticore began mobilizing them within their own Corporate Enforcement ranks. This, coupled with CCTV systems, Officer camera integration, and multiple other systems yielded them with an all-pervasive police force that could respond quickly to any threat deemed harmful to the general populace or “greater good”, as it was referred as. However, one domain that had plagued them for years was finally squashed with the unveiling of “The Net 2.0”. This new system allowed for data integration that had never been seen before; Replacing the “Old Net” near instantaneously, people were fast to adopt the new system, all while giving Manticore control of the Net without question. This new Net allowed for total control over it’s content and ensured that only approved information was being shared. Rumor has it that the “Old Net” is still accessible if you know the right netrunner, someone who can hack their way in, but this task is not taken lightly and it is considered highly illegal and risky to partake in.


“Where there is thought, there is freedom. Rise up. Don't buy into the lies. Think for yourself.” This is the tagline uttered by the Republic of Free Thought. The RFT is a radicalized awareness group who strives to liberate the sentience of Synthetic humanoids. While their message is controversial, it was loud enough to catch the ears of the Corporation, who actively treats their members as a terror organization. Fliers and Net propaganda explaining the organizations message can be found if you know the right places to look.


With the widespread use of subdermal co-processors becoming near necessity, Manticore seized the opportunity to introduce a barcoded system integrated directly a tattoo that can store public records, as well as things like financial data to allow payment processing. While it is still possible to use physical currency at the current time, Manticore has begun warning of a coming time where all transactions and data records will be logged directly through this new system, once again raising the concern of privacy activists. Additionally, while the RFT has been quiet in the past 2 years, whispers across the Net talk about a possible return to the headlines. Under new leadership, mentions of a “Prophet” have been spread leaving people to question how long until Manticore takes aim once more.