Ask Up To No Good


A Snake
Sep 5, 2020

"Lay off, ya pieces of shit!" Petra yelled, squirming uselessly against the two gonks dragging her through the dirty plastic curtains. Her torn jeans and short sleeves displayed a neat collection of bruises and scrapes, as well as the dull metallic shine of her cybernetics. Her right arm and leg hung uselessly, totally disabled - at least for now. "Not like you fuckwits need the chips anyway!" Despite her protests, they threw her up against the wall behind some heavy-looking crates and toolboxes, and shackled her useful hand to an exposed pipe. She spit after them, still cursing, but the saliva splattered uselessly to the ground a couple feet away.

After a moment, Petra noticed the woman nearby, similarly restrained against the wall. Either these chips were about to go flying off the shelves, or these asshats had gotten themselves into a lot more shit than she'd expected. The girl looked a lot more like a fighter than a kidnapping victim or a joytoy, so the best bet seemed to be that these guys had their heads on the chopping block. Based on the creepy back-alley hospital setup and the weapons stashed around the room, they probably deserved it. Broken walls and plastic sheeting usually weren't features of a reputable establishment.

"Listen, dunno what kind of BDSM shit you think is, but I'm not consenting!" Petra yelled again, and one of the guys who carried her in whipped around to point a gun at her face. She stared him down.

"Shut the fuck up." He grunted, flicking the tip of his gun in her direction. "You'll get your damn turn."

As if on cue, the neighboring room lit up with sparks, followed by a short scream. Something buzzed, like a saw or a drill of some kind. That's probably what the doc's chair had been waiting for. Petra shook her head admonishingly, and the guy with the gun turned back around to meet up with his numbskulled buddies across the room.

"Hope you don't mind if I cut the queue," Petra said, looking back at the other woman. "See, I really need the doc to take a look at my busted parts." Almost like she was emphasizing the point, Petra rolled her good leg underneath her and started trying to swing her lifeless cybernetic arm into her cuffed hand. "Hard to be a workin' gal when ya... aren't workin' - sure ya understand." She huffed a little between words, working hard to get her arm swinging high enough. If she could just get the tools from her fingers, she could get herself running again.

Across the room, the gonks that dragged her in leaned against some low shelves, smoking and discussing plans or some shit. Their third partner broke off from the group, heading through a hole in the bricks to an adjoining room. From what Petra had cased already, she was pretty sure they were near the middle of the hideout... meaning that it was going to take some doing to get back out of here again. Didn't help that the doc's chair was probably waiting for her and her fellow prisoner if they couldn't delta fast.



A Literal Metaphysical God
Sep 1, 2020

RINGING. SHARP, VIOLENT RINGING is all that could be felt as the woman's head flicked forward lightly. In an instant, she snapped to life with a loud gasp and a combination of sweat and blood droplets running from her chin. "What....the-", she coughed violently spitting forward another glob of blood to the floor in front of her, "-fuck. Where...?"

Alyse slowly clung to life as she began getting her bearings about her surroundings. Glancing around, she could see that clearly the job hadn't gone as planned. Between the hazy vision and ringing in her ears she found it damn near impossible to get a good sense of where she was but she knew that it was essential to her survival. After a moment she realized what had woken her as she watched another woman get dragged in and pinned up beside her. Poor girl looked like she had the shit kicked out of her and her arm looked especially fucked up. Between the wheezing and blood-filled coughing she couldn't muster the energy to laugh when the other prisoner smarted off a sex joke but she knew that was a good sign because clearly she was in better shape than herself. Pushing through the pain, Alyse managed to force her head back enough to catch a glimpse of the biomonitor on her wrist, she felt like shit but she would live. As she leaned her head back, she felt the immediate rush of warmth down the back of her neck and back. Quickly she flipped her head back down as she was obviously gashed in the back of the head, and from the amount of sensation she felt it must've been pretty substantial.

Rolling her worn face and foggy vision over towards the new woman, she watched her struggle towards her gimp arm. Seeing that there wasn't much progress being made, Alyse realized that she needed to help if either of them were going to stand a chance. "Fhhhhhuhhh-fhuhhh-fuck, hol- hold on." She muttered, coughing a sizable amount of fluid out onto her own chest and legs. Letting her head hang for a moment to recollect herself, she gritted her jaw and began releasing sounds of raw effort as she managed to move her right leg towards the arm. All at once she threw what bit of movement she could towards kicking the arm towards the woman but narrowly missed as she felt her restraints pull back on her wrists. She let out a puff of agony as she saw the kick graze past, pulling herself back against the wall. "God...da...dam...damnit!" she mustered out as she caught her breath once more. A thousand thoughts rushed through her mind as she tried to prepare herself for the next attempt and she felt the survival instincts screaming that she needed to get this done.

Swallowing a bit of blood that had tried to escape her mouth, she put everything she had into her next kick. Falling limp nearly immediately, she had felt the resistance as her leg went around, surely she had kicked it close enough...? A surge of pain rushed over her as she hung her head and body from the restraints, listening for the sound that told her the effort wasn't fruitless. Unable to speak as she attempted to build strength, she prayed in her mind that this woman would be sensible enough to help her escape as well or else she was as good as scrap.