[WIP] An Overview of Night City

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Sep 1, 2020
Night City

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"Welcome to Night City, choom. A personal slice of heaven or hell yours for the taking. To some, this city is the land of dreams and a nightmare to the rest. This guide has been thrown together with information provided by a bunch of gonks that came before you. A map only gets you so far though, so where to?"

The City of Dreams was founded in the 1990s by visionary industrialist Richard Night. When the world of late 20th century plunged into chaos, Night envisioned a modern metropolis free from crime, poverty and corruption. Corporate partners Arasaka, EBM, and Petrochem helped him realize this vision, investing in the foundation of what would become the Free City of Night City. The city would develop into a haven for young idealists and a beacon for others who sought to fulfill their own dreams. And although Richard fell to assassins and many new generations seeking fame, fortune and freedom have suffered their own series of setbacks, the city's legendary status endures today.

Night City has it all: from the monumental skyscrapers of industry-leading megacorporations, to the luxury villas of world-renowned stars, to the lawless neighborhoods where war is waged every day. You will stumble across mercenaries, gangs and famous rockers, but also junkies, bums and even cyberpsychos. You will stand in the shadows of colossal megabuildings and get lost in the maze of streets, alleys and markets. You will make your dreams come true or die trying.

Due to the sheer volume of Cyberware that has been created over the years, it isn't feasible to host it all on this site. Custom cyberware is to be posted on the forum board for approval, however official Cyberware can be found at the following links (click the title):
Cyberpunk 2020
Cyberpunk 2077

Below is a brief write-up of some common Cyberware types:


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"I'm gonna rip you limb from limb and see what circuits fall out."

Cyberlimbs are the start of most body modifications. Ranging from various types of arms and legs, these are the primary attachment points for most future modifications and tools. Limbs act as the base for both CyberHands and Feet, following with their respective appendages. While most Cyberlimbs are made to withstand the occasional rainstorm or light swim, most are not made for prolonged under-water use and can malfunction if submerged for too long. Additionally, many Cyberlimbs run the risk of malfunction or inactivity when exposed to rapid amounts of electricity. The act of stunning limbs is used by Enforcement Teams and Criminals to temporarily disable opponents in a fight. However, the effects are very short lived, providing an average of 20 seconds mobility loss before negating the effects and returning to normal functionality. Like many other technology and Cyberware upgrades, there are various categories of Cyberlimbs, ranging from Everyday Use to Military Grade.
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