Approved Rosboron Avtomaticheskiy Medik


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Sep 2, 2020
Model: Avtomaticheskiy Medik

Type: Biomonitor and Toxin Binder

Legality: Legal

Faction: Part of the SSO enhancement suite used by the Russian SSO.

Manufacturers: Rosboron

Intent: Make a Biomonitor that has both advanced diagnostic features as well as toxin binders given the prevalence of drugs in Silicon City. Given that Rosboron already makes it for the military, it seems to make sense they'll release it to the civilian populace as well, especially in a city like this where there'd be a market for it.

Description: Designed for the cyber augmented and those with a high chance of exposure to drugs and deadly toxins. This is effectively the same as the military model, and bears little to no differences.

The monitor can sync with a neuralware processor to query the status of various implants, and can alert the user to any potential problems with their implants. It also watched for any telltale signs of instability.

The military model is set to inform the soldier's superiors, but the civilian version can toggle the setting and can choose who the device will attempt to reach.

It also features a toxin binder, which it uses to filter out toxins that reach the heart. It's not foolproof, nor does it render the user immune to drugs or toxins, but it does make them highly resistant.