Approved Rosboron SSO Enhancement Package


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Sep 2, 2020
Model: SSO Enhancement Package

Type: Suite of various cybernetics.

Legality: Restricted to Russian SSO units.

Faction: Restricted to Russian SSO units.

Manufacturer: Rosboron

Intent: To create a cybernetic suite that's used by Russian SSO operators to give them greater flexibility and survivability to make up for their lower numbers in comparison to other 'Corporate Security' present as Silicon Point and in their usual theaters of operation.

Also helps draw more suspicion towards the SSO for purposes of plot, seeing as the package certainly makes them less human (in behavior rather any obvious physical changes).

Description: The SSO Enhancement Package is a relatively hush-hush project created with the intention of enhancing SSO operators to lower their losses in combat. Their training and equipment already costs the state enough such that this is supposed to give operators that extra edge so that they have every tool at their disposal such that they don't die or become critically wounded on their first deployment. In the words of Defense Minister Ivanova during a meeting with Rosboron, "The less we leave to that bitch, luck, the better."

The suite is comprised of an advanced skinweave, muscle and bone lace,
neuralware processor, reflex booster, univeral link (base of the skull) and secondary smartgun link (base of right wrist), neutral ULF transmitter(voice/video communciation out to 15km), Avtomatichiskiy Medik (submitted separately), GLONASS navigation module, Image enhancement and amplified hearing

The skinweave is equivalent to Kevlar, capable of minimizing edged weapon damage and up to .45 ACP and 9x19 parabellum. This is done by using nanites thread fibers through skin tissue, making it much more resistant to damage. In select few candidates, this procedure has been know to cut off blood supply to the skin, resulting in the procedure being reversed and the candidate washing out.

The Musclee and bone lace procedure uses nanites to thread microscopic artificial fibers through muscle and bone tissue. The result is that the tissue is both stronger (physical strength is enhanced) and more resistant to damage. The full process is slow, and takes a few weeks to complete. Muscle and bone lace will enhance overall strength and durability, but not to the degree of an actual artificial cyberlimb.

in a few rare cases, this has been know to cause irreperable damage to a 'non-zero number' of candidates, resulting in their demise.

The reflex booster and it's associated boost controller are the most controversial cybernetics included as a part of the suite. These are specialized TRC co-processors that amplify and speed up signal processing. However, they are always on, leaving candidates to adjust to a world that is seemingly moving in slow motion.

This particular piece of neuralware has been reponsible for otherwise perfect candidates dropping out due to the onset of cyberpsychosis during their observation periods post surgery. As a result, the Russian government is seeking a replacement to this. A biological replacement less jarring to the mind is being developed, but has yet to be put into production.

Additionally, post surgery, operators find it difficult to form personal relationships with those not enhanced pike they are. Data shows a marked increase in divorces, and a higher number of suicides.

To reduce overreliance on short ranged radios, a neutral ULF transmitter has been implanted. This allows for voice, data and video communication between operators at a maximum distance of fifteen kilometers. The data is encrypted, and a host of security protocols scrub incoming and outgoing data for any signs of modified packets.

Even so, someone with an understanding of the redundancy checks and an understanding of the packet structure can overload an operators mind, rendering them incapacitated. That is assuming the system is on and and in use.

The RusOil incident was a reminder to Rosboron that the system needs to be more secure. A SSO team investigating the silence of a RusOil refinery was incapacitated and executed in this manner, leaving only one of their marksman as a survivor.

A GLONASS receiver is also implanted, allowing operators to know their location within five meters. The module also allows then to chart routes and share them using their ULF transmitter.

Both their eyes are replaced with a biomechanical cybereye which allows the user to magnify or refine what they see. It also grants them a HUD that can interface with any weapon, vehicle or smart armor connected via either the universal link or the secondary smartgun link. This is paired with a system that connects into the auditory nerves and speech centers of the brain.

A universal link is implanted at the base of the skull, allowing operators to interface with their armor. When not wearing the armor, the link can be used to interface with 'smart' vehicles.

Their smartlinked weapons can also connect using this link, but the secondary smartgun specific link at the base of the dominant shooting hand's wrist is typically used instead. This allows data to be delivered directly into their conscious, making use of their equipment as though it were an extension of themselves.

Tying it all together is a powerful neuralware processor that keeps all their augments running as it should be, and sends alerts to their biomonitor should something br amiss.

the suite is expensive, and has resulted in a lot of washed out candidates, suffering operators, suicidal and miserable retirees but also some stunningly effective operators. The program is unlikely to be cancelled now, and the Russian government is pouring more money into it to improve the quality of like of their best unit. Though the cynical among the SSO say it's only so they can serve longer. Not many pay them heed.